Collars are used to protect pipe or cable penetrations, including in grids and open mesh floors. Collars offer so-called ‘edge protection’, which is part of the mandatory safety measures required for landings, platform floors and open mesh floors.

FlexxCollar, the flexible collar and edge protection system, offers protection against the risk of falling objects (rolling, or being knocked or kicked) or against people stumbling or falling.

Collars, pipe penetrations in open mesh floors

FlexxCollar is a flexible collar system for landings, open mesh flooring, stairways and platforms. A polyester kick plate system that is corrosion-resistant and strong. The collars can be fitted easily and quickly to open mesh floors using clamp connection fittings. This ensures that no welding or drilling is required to the floor or guard rail.

Collars are an important component of edge protection on landings and open mesh floors.

Protect pipe penetrations: safety guidelines

Where there are pipe penetrations in open mesh floors and landings, there is a danger that objects will be knocked or kicked off the landings. Falling items, such as tools, parts and fittings can result in serious physical injury.

That’s why guidelines apply to protecting landings, open mesh floors and pipe penetrations. These guidelines aim to prevent fall hazards (of people or goods) in all conceivable work situations.

See also: Arbobesluit (Working Conditions Decree) Articles 3.15 and 3.16

Flexible kick plate and collar system

FlexxCollar is a flexible kick plate and collar system that can be used on open mesh flooring, landings, and platforms. A flexible polyester system that is both strong and corrosion resistant. It can be attached easily to the open mesh floor using clamp connection fittings and requires no drilling or welding.

Edge protection is mandatory to prevent the potential hazards of falling objects.

A collar, kick plate or toe board should offer protection for this.
If a landing or platform floor must comply with NEN-EN 13374 or NEN-EN 14122, a kick plate system such as the FlexxCollar is mandatory.

Installing collars

There are various ways to fit collars to open mesh floors. It is important that the open mesh floor is not damaged, starts rusting or is weakened by the installation method. Welding or drilling can easily create such damage.

The best solution to prevent this, is to install the collars using clamp connection fittings.

Easy to install

The FlexxCollar collar is easy and quick to install on open mesh floors, via a clamp system. FlexxCollar offers protection against the potential hazards of falling objects and against people stumbling or falling.