FlexxCollar installation instructions

Step 1

Each FlexxCollar set comprises 10 items:

  • 10 x FlexxCollar
  • 10 x Allen screws M8 x 70
  • 10 hexagonal nuts

Start by placing the hexagonal nut in the bottom of the link. The opening has been fabricated to ensure that the nut fits tightly in the recess. Do this for all the required links. Please note: when installing a kick plate around a continuous pipe, this should be the final step.

Hand-tighten the links. You can still modify the shape of the link set. After assembling the links, tighten these to the bottom by one further turn.

Step 2

Once the chain of links has been put together definitively, this can be fitted to the open mesh floor.

The slot hole for the J-hook generally offers sufficient play for fitting on and through the mesh of an open mesh floor. Take the J-hook with oval ring and hexagonal nut and insert everything through the slot hole and mesh of the underlying open mesh floor. Turn the J-hook and pull upwards, tighten a half turn and clamp around a bearer bar. Partly tighten the hexagonal nut in this position.

Then continue with the next link. Only firmly hand-tighten and finish installation once all J-hooks have been positioned. It is possible that not all hooks will fit in a link. Use the general rule of at least half +1. As shown on the photo, skill makes installation a lot easier. We always supply one extra hexagonal nut!

Installation is relatively simple and can be applied in almost all cases, also during production! No hot work permit is required, no welding, drilling, or grinding!

As well as the standard J-hook installation, there are also numerous other, client-specific installation options. If the J-hook is not the right installation option for you, please order without fittings.

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